The Seventh Door: A self-guided audio walk

A voice leads walkers through Aberdeen with a story that travels from the docks to the Music Hall, via six doorways. These portals to the past, present and future suggest the city might not be quite as it seems. Peepholes and cracks reveal multitudes. A curb reads X. Train tracks disappear underground. A white dog stares from a window. Each step measures the uncanny, the invisible and time adrift.

Walk with a map and downloadable audio. Make sure you’ve got your headphones, your device is charged up and you’ve downloaded the six tracks before starting the walk. You can pick up a map from the foyer at His Majesty’s Theatre, the tourist information on Union Street and The Lemon Tree.

Part of the Stepping Out project. Written by Maya Chowdhry and Sarah Hymas

1. Door in a Door | The Seventh Door

2. Portico | The Seventh Door

3. Church Side Door | The Seventh Door

4. Tunnel | The Seventh Door

5. Silver Door | The Seventh Door

6. Stage Door | The Seventh Door


If you’ve got an iPhone and want to download the tracks first on a computer using wifi here’s the instructions:

  • Right-click each track and from the drop-down menu choose - ‘add track to iTunes as a spoken track.’

  • You can then make a playlist of the tracks and transfer to your phone when you sync it with iTunes. 
  • On the walk open the Music app, go to playlists and then play the tracks as per the map.