We have 4 main performances at Light the Blue this year, APA Junior Youth Theatre, APA Intermediate Youth Theatre, APA Senior Youth Theatre and the Festival ends with the Project Band Showcase. All Theatre performances take place in the Lemon Tree Theatre (100 Capacity).

If I Were You  -  by APA Junior Youth Theatre 
15 June, 7pm,  16 June, 4pm (BSL signed), £8|£6 concession

How much do you really know about your parents? A life before children surely didn’t exist, right? If I Were You explores the misconceptions of young people and their parents and asks: are we really THAT different?


Defined?  -  by APA Intermediate Youth Theatre 
12 June, 6.30pm, 14 June, 7pm, 16 June, 5.30pm(BSL signed), £8|£6 concession

In a world of never-ending information, how do we separate the true from the false and keep sight of who we really are? When the pressure to define ourselves is at its greatest, how do we begin to decide what’s important and what’s not?


8:26 - How to Win at Life  -  by APA Senior Youth Theatre 
12 June, 8.15pm, 15 June, 8.30pm, 16 June, 7pm (BSL signed),  £8|£6 concession

’What about your future?’ is the question on everybody’s lips, and the pressure to succeed is mounting high. Big decisions are looming and you’ve got to keep up. How to Win at Life explores the space between childhood and the rest of your life; where the past, present and future collide, and everything’s about to get real.


Project Band Showcase 

16 June, Doors 8pm,  The Lemon Tree Lounge,  £8.80 inc bf, concessions £4

Join us for the Project Band showcase gig, headlined by The Harmonica Movement

Project Band is a course unlike any other. After months of workshops and developing their practical music skills, our Project Band students present a showcase of their work live at The Lemon Tree, headlined by The Harmonica Movement.

Based in the North East of Scotland, The Harmonica Movement play loud songs about hope.