2 Guitarras Malagueñas Music

2 Guitarras Malagueñas

2 Guitarras Malagueñas

Juan Martín has launched a new duo project with fellow flamenco virtuoso Chaparro de Málaga.

Melodic and explosive, their pieces – composed or arranged by Juan Martín – evoke the visceral power of authentic flamenco in a musical dialogue between two masters of this great and esoteric art. 

The programme will transport you to the Classic Spain of Málaga, Granada, Córdoba and Jerez on a journey through the diverse cultures of Andalucia; from the Byzantine chants, the Hebraic and Moorish laments, to the sounds of Argentina and Cuba returning from South America, evident in the rumba, guajiras and milonga. Juan and Chaparro also acknowledge the inspirational effect flamenco has had upon so many classical composers, and will perform arrangements of the Malagueñas of Lecuona and other classical pieces.

 “The leading flamenco guitarist of his generation” The Guardian

 “A giant of the flamenco guitar tradition” The Times


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