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Adam Stafford plus Seas Starry

Adam Stafford is a musician, filmmaker and photographer from Falkirk, Scotland – the very same industrial heartland that spawned The Cocteau Twins and Arab Strap. He is a prolific music maker and songwriter who has released an exhaustive back catalogue of solo works since 2010: the experimental tape-collage `Miniature Porcelain Horse Emporium’; the Paul Savage (Mogwai/Delgados) produced `Build a Harbour Immediately’; the SAY (Scottish Album of The Year) nominated `Imaginary Walls Collapse’ and 2016’s critically acclaimed `Taser Revelations’.

Recently, Stafford has been leaning towards the more `experimental/compositional’ spectrum. His 2017 release `Reverse Drift’ (on Gerry Loves Records) was a book comprised of 24 landscape photographs paired with a single 40-minute improvised track and a 3-track EP, `Torments Through Supernatural Flogging’ (also 2017) saw Stafford produce jarring lo-fi configurations using synthesiser and Gamelan.

New LP Fire Behind the Curtain is Adam Stafford's monumental Neoclassical/compositional L.P. written over 8 years while fighting crippling depression and inspired by his love of Meredith Monk, Ingram Marshal, Michael Gordon and US Minimalism. Choirs yelp and screech, mindflaying beatboxing courses through cosmic k-holes and guitars sound like saxophones trapped deep in the wasp-machine. Working with arranger Pete Harvey (King Creosote/Modern Studies) strings haven't sounded this unsettling outside of Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack work.

Stafford is also infamous for his intense and electrifying live performances which push the boundaries of what a solo musician can achieve with just guitar, effect pedals and voice.

“Yet again, Adam Stafford has created one of the best albums of the year.”– The National (on Taser Revelations)

“A songwriter of real depth, rich in understanding, in melodic virtuosity, his work has gradually built up into an imposing, heroic catalogue.” – Clash Magazine

"Stafford approaches musical ideas like a meditator treats thoughts, allowing them to linger only briefly before setting them free and welcoming in the next." - The Skinny

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