Breakneck Comedy: JOHN SCOTT Plus Guests  @ Rox Hotel Comedy

Breakneck Comedy: JOHN SCOTT Plus Guests @ Rox Hotel

Breakneck Comedy

JOHN SCOTT Plus Guests

Have you been down to your local comedy club yet?  If not GO!  Breakneck Comedy will have you in stitches : )

 @ Rox Hotel

For more info regarding Breakneck Comedy please feel free check out our website or download our new App.

Or…if you want keep up to date with local comedy banter and to get special offers – get onto to our official Facebook Page.  It’s pretty funky as we do epic things like our recent charity xmas music video : )

For sponsorship / bookings / xmas party / gift card / comedian hire / staff night out enquiries email

Don’t forget we are now also doing 3 course meals before the show.  For more info get in touch with us direct.

Hope see you at a local comedy night soon.

Kind regards

Naz Hussain

Your local comedy promoter

Breakneck Comedy


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