Breakneck Comedy - Reverend Obadiah Comedy

Breakneck Comedy - Reverend Obadiah

'Unforgettable character comedy' (Edinburgh Evening News)
Jim Muir as Reverend O'Badiah Steppenwolf III: Glasgow boy turned Preacher man Jim came through the Glasgow showcases and he was also chosen as a runner up to come through to the final. He is enjoying great reviews for his first Edinburgh one man show this year.

Reverend O'Badiah is to stand-up comedy what the baby Jesus is to jewellery and at 6'3'' he's not only bigger than The Beatles, he's bigger than The Monkees, apart from Mike Nesmith.

He also works in a call centre, his greatest comedy influences are The Baby Jesus because he died for our sins and Tina Turner.

Finalist in C4's So You Think You're Funny? 2001 Runner-up in Cuppa' Soup Comedian of the Year 2001

Not for the easily offended.

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