Cam Penner & Jon Wood Music

Cam Penner & Jon Wood

  • Date

    Friday 02 December 2016

  • venue

    The Blue Lamp

  • time

    7.30pm start

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    £8.80 inc bf

  • genre


The mesmerising live show is bigger - and brighter - than before, spontaneously grand and fragile at the same time. Percussive elements and layered guitar techniques have added rich texture.

Cam hails from a Mennonite community in Southern Manitoba, where his parents, town rebels, ran an illegal roadhouse and his grandfather, a bootlegger, was a much-loved character in the rural community. Growing up against that background, he found an appreciation for common people's stories.

Since stepping out aged 18, he has experienced more raw humanity than most would encounter in a lifetime. He spent thirteen years dedicated to helping the homeless and destitute in Chicago’s soup kitchens and shelters and when each shift was over, would spend endless hours writing and playing his guitar while exorcising his emotions through music.

His last album, Gypsy Summer debuted at number 16 on the Folk Billboard Charts and established him as a major force.

At Toronto’s Folk Alliance International event early in 2013, he and his constant and spellbinding musical companion, Jon Wood, blew everyone away with the sheer power - and beauty - of the new material, delivering quite breathtaking performances

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