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Carnaby Street – The Concert


Following two fabulous tours of the UK, “Carnaby Street The Musical” has assembled some of its incredible cast members to perform the great songs from the 60’s in full costume for “One Night in the Marquee”, the famous 60’s club, birthplace of The Who, Manfred Mann, The Moody Blues and many more. So let us take you back in time...

What if The Beatles, The Who, The Stones, The Kinks and The Searchers all played in the same place? Well they did in the 60’s and now they’re about to do the same!...

Only, this time, all on the same night! 'Carnaby Street - The Concert' features the incredible hits of a decade that brought you the best rock and roll music of all time.

Featuring an amazing 6-piece band, led by an array of fantastic singers, this astonishing night of sixties classics is not to be misseed.

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Chris Ball

Friday 04 July

Excellent musically, couple of duff notes at the beginning but overall OK. The venue was perfect but not the format, it would have been a whole lot more realistic if it had been set out like a 60's dance hall, that way more people would have danced through the show instead of sitting and watching, I suppose it depends on whether it is being run by accountants who want bums on seats, or musicians whose primary need is appreciation... Also the musical director should not really try to sing, the 60's was all about rough lads and lasses making it big, i.e. no posh voices, when he sang it sounded like Michael Bubble sings the Beatles, too pronounced and with vibrating opera voice... Great evening's entertaining though, but could have been a whole lot better...


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