Citymoves Spring Season: Go Get ‘Em Kid Dance

Citymoves Spring Season: Go Get ‘Em Kid

APA and Citymoves presents Go Get ‘Em Kid by Tamsyn Russell

Go Get ‘em Kid is a funny and high-energy dance duet about friendship and sharing.

Join Tamsyn and Adrienne in a world filled with t-shirts, they dance and test the bonds between them, stretching the fabric of their friendship. Starting with 100 oversized T-Shirts on stage and ending with both performers sharing just one. With flailing hair ‘Go Get ‘em Kid’ is a playful and energetic new dance piece with an eclectic soundtrack that’s a joy from beginning to end.

“At no point does Russell disappoint. Not only can she make interesting dance, but her eye for talent and ear for strong musical choices make ‘Hunting Dust’ the full package…. – here is a talent worth investing in” WOW 24/7 on Hunting Dust

Suitable for ages 6+

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