Continental Circus Berlin Family

Continental Circus Berlin

  • Start date

    Monday 09 June 2014

  • End date

    Wednesday 23 July 2014

  • venue

    General Admission

  • time

    Weekdays 3pm and 7.45pm Saturdays 2pm, 5pm and 7.45pm Sundays 2pm and 5pm

  • age


  • price

    Ringside – Adults £26 Concession £21 Grandstand – Adult £23 Concession £18 Side View – Adult £15 Concession £12 Rear View – Adult £10 Concession £7

  • genre


EEC Ltd presents

Continental Circus Berlin

Queens Links, Beach Boulevard, AB24 5EF

From the producers of the some of the world’s finest Circuses comes a brand new show. Continental Circus Berlin with an amalgamation of brilliant Circus acts, music & real youthful energy, incorporating fantastic performers from all over the world

In an age where so much entertainment is unreal, made up of special effects, CGI and has a virtual reality, or is pre-recorded, multi-tracked, digitally enhanced or in some other way electronically created - the sheer reality of a live show is a breath of fresh air and the feats and skills seen at Continental Circus Berlin are often so amazing that the circus-goer literally can not believe their eyes.

Ringside – Adults £26   Concession £21
Grandstand – Adult £23  Concession £18
Side View – Adult £15  Concession £12
Rear View – Adult £10  Concession £7

Box Office open on site from 9am to 9pm from Monday 7th July

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