Curious Incident Insight Session: Inside the Rehearsal Room Something Different

Curious Incident Insight Session: Inside the Rehearsal Room

The National Theatre Insight Sessions are an opportunity to take part in an interactive session where you will explore the making of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, and discover how the Creative Team approached the development, rehearsal and production process.

This session will offer an overview of how the creative team worked collaboratively to bring the production to life, as well as practical demonstrations of how the actors and directors work together in rehearsals to unlock the script!


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Technical In Focus | Thursday 10 August, 5pm - 6pm
This session offers a multi-media insight into the processes used by the design team when imagining this production for the first time. It will explore how the audio/visual elements have evolved in line with the staging of the production, and offer you an understanding of the stagecraft displayed on stage!

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