Dancelive: Learning from the Future Dance

Dancelive: Learning from the Future

A dance performance by Colette Sadler

Learning from the future is a performance that wishes to speculate on the future of human bodies in the wake of technological and scientific progress.


In the future what will bodies be used for? Will they be necessary? Could they be replaced by something “other”?


Advanced prosthetics and wearable technologies are already part of the project of hybridizing biology and technology.

The idea of a futuristic “post-life“ in this dance performance, is taken as a poetic means to speculate on an inconceivable reality beyond the body - an environment where ever accelerating flows of information and encoded data could replace physical reality itself and dictate the manner in which new kinds of bodies could operate.


The choreography is built around a collage of images or tableaux, depicting a futuristic female prototype named “Body A “within a science-fiction-like setting in which the body is regarded ambiguously as both organically “alive“ but also as a highly sophisticated biological machine of sorts. Linear narrative and progression is destroyed here as the use of cinematic “jump-cut” lighting propels our female protagonist on a surreal journey between images.


The Performer’s body is taken here as container, carrier and channel. It cannot and does not differentiate between inside and outside of itself. Sometimes “Body A” “remembers” how it used to (dis)function as a “primitive” human body but now it is caught and maintained in frequency-fields of invisible energetic force and information flows. Learning from the Future uses movement to amplify the primitive power of bodies against the background of their fictional dematerialization and disappearance.

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