DanceLive: Passion Dance

DanceLive: Passion



Edan’s hard-earned homecoming: getting stuck in, catching up on clubbing. Having dreamed of pints, now there is a new high – the ecstasy of those massive nights when the only thing to do is lose yourself. And Edan is determined to get lost. Over and over. Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s boredom, maybe it truly is a religious experience? Whatever it is, to share it feels amazing, and any consequences are totally worth it, right?

Passion is a show that explores the euphoric energy of a club, contrasting that indescribable high with something deeper and darker.  Set to an undulating soundtrack of original dance music, Passion is an explosion of movement and monologue.  Tonight, Edan’s going over the edge….and you’re coming too. 

Written by Gill Kirk
Directed by Allie Butler
Sound by Joshua Payne

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