Dancelive: Triple Bill Dance

Dancelive: Triple Bill

  • Date

    Saturday 21 October 2017

  • venue


  • time

    starts 5pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    £8.80-£5.50 inc bf

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 Kathryn Spence & Dancers ‘What We Choose to See’

There are constant restrictions all around us, yet there are only some that we choose to see. We have explored personal and common boundaries, those imposed upon us and those created ourselves; restricting or encouraging, seen or unseen, physical or mental.
One land stops and another begins. There’s occasional no‐man’s land; a land basked in its borders but none of its own. The hiding spaces in between. Lurking in the hill behind the farm there are tanks the size of six cathedrals. They hold the world’s longest echo. You cannot see them from the forested hill outside. Original music and sound score has been developed through Kathryn’s recordings from inside the tanks.
Choose to see us as you will. 3 dancers. Borders. Boundaries. Hills and sea….
Developed during Dance Base and Citymoves professional residencies.

Sara Kemal ‘Meta
Two dancers navigate bodies and space. What connections can they make and what are they connected
Original concept for this work in progress created as part of Scottish Ballet’s Anserinae mentorship scheme and further research supported by Citymoves Dance Agency. With thanks to Citymoves Dance Agency, Kerry Nicholls and Scottish Ballet.

Éowyn Emerald & Dancers
Eowyn Emerald Barrett presents three short excerpts.
Hailed by The Times as ‘a talent to watch,’ Éowyn Emerald makes her Aberdeen debut following her sold
out run at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. In every group of individuals there are hundreds of stories to tell,
yet it is the relationships between them that capture our imaginations over and over again. Join Éowyn Emerald for a program that is physical, poetic, technically demanding and emotionally complex. “For fans of pure, unadulterated dance, choreographer Éowyn Emerald is almost providing a public service” The Scotsman.

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