Do You Nomi? Dance

Do You Nomi?

Alan Greig Dance Theatre/Grant Smeaton present Do You Nomi?

A dynamic new production by award-winning director, Grant Smeaton and seminal Scottish choreographer, Alan Greig.

Weaving together dialogue, dance and theatre, Do You Nomi? takes the audience on a humorous, dark and sensual journey, using four male performers to hold a spotlight on the life of Klaus Nomi and his rise to fame in the New York avant garde scene of the 1970s and 80s.

This is the story of one man’s struggle to express himself through his unique singing talent fused with his desire to hide behind a theatrical mask; it is also the story of a western world on the brink of change which would be transformed forever with the onset of the new and much misunderstood AIDS virus.

Combining an emotionally driven narrative and athletic dance, this vibrant and visual production leaves the audience in no doubt as to the importance of this forgotten icon.

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