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Eddie Argos: Tells You How to Form A Band And Become Famous

Pop music, as we all know, can be an uncertain business. Whilst a chosen few achieve their dreams of riches, world travel and mass adoration for many a spot at their local battle of the bands is the limit of their fame.

Enter Eddie Argos, world-renowned lead singer and songwriter with Art Brut, the London band that have spent the last decade redefining the meaning of stardom. For the first time Eddie is stepping into the limelight to tell stories that happened along the way while Art Brut became the world beating pop behemoth they are today.

Eddie Argos grew up fantasising about being the singer in a band that would tour the world, despite the fact he can't really sing. Somehow he managed it and now he is going to tell you how. Heartwarming story or cautionary tale? You be the judge.

"Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos has turned himself into a living monument to social ineptitude" London Lite

"A John Cooper Clarke for the Barfly generation" NME

"One of his generations great poets of the mundane” Spin Magazine

"Lines that Larkin might not have sniffed at" Word Magazine

"Full of the bathetic genius that English pop used to excel in" The Guardian

"Truly thrilling post-Britpop art-punk monologues" Drowned In Sound

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Saturday 16 May

I went to this and Eddie was just talking, initially I thought this was just the way he sings but after a while I realised there was no music either. Despite this I had a blast. Good weekend.


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