Everything I Bought In A Year And How It Made Me Feel with Harry Giles Drama

Everything I Bought In A Year And How It Made Me Feel with Harry Giles

A show-and-tell about consumerism and anxiety.

Harry’s got a problem. Maybe you do too. He keeps buying things to feel better, but they just make him more miserable. So he started keeping a diary…

For a full year, Harry logged every transaction he made at everythingibought.tumblr.com. In painstaking detail, he wrote about how each purchase made him feel – his hopes, dreams, fears, and utter failure to come to a liveable compromise with consumerism. Now he’s sharing what he’s learned in a performance lecture that dissects shopping until it all falls apart. Framed as a presentation of pie charts and bell curves and statistics about consumption, it’s really about being miserable, being afraid, and trying to find a way out.


Bar running out into the road without your shoes on shouting STOP at the consumer treadmill, I can’t recommend the show highly enough to citizens who seek sanity in a mad, mad world.”

– Lucy Neal, Co-Founder of the London International Festival of Theatre


What’s the ‘value’ of theatre?

What would you offer in exchange for a ticket to Everything I Bought In a Year and How it Made Me Feel? In the spirit of alternative forms of economics you can barter for a ticket to the show on the night. An idea, an object, a service, what’s theatre ‘worth’ to you?

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