Fleeto and Wee Andy

Fleeto and Wee Andy

**Winner** Brighton Argus Angel Award, Brighton Fringe 2012
**Winner** Adelaide Critics Circle Award for Best in Fringe 2012 - Fleeto
**Winner** Bank SA Best Performer Award, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2012 - Pauline Knowles for Wee Andy
**Winner** Holden Street Edinburgh Theatre Award 2011 - Fleeto & Wee Andy
**Winner** Brighton Fringe Emerging Artist Award 2011 - Fleeto & Wee Andy
***** ‘a staggeringly brilliant pair of plays’  British Theatre Guide
**** ‘a gripping portrait of inner-city violence’ (The Guardian)
****’powerful and beautifully-produced’ (The Scotsman)

Tumult In The Clouds presents multi-award winning shows Fleeto and Wee Andy, written and directed by Paddy Cunneen.

When his friend is stabbed, a young lad falls in with a gang.  The terrible revenge he takes brings disaster on himself and the family of his victim. Inspired by the Iliad and drawing on Glasgow’s ‘knife culture,’ Fleeto is a hard-hitting contemporary Scottish re-invention of the Greek tragic form. 

Another day, another young lad attacked by a knife gang and another life shattered.  Wee Andy depicts the fallout for those left picking up the pieces - the surgeon who tries to repair his damaged face, the mother who takes drastic and terrifying action to protect him, and wee Andy himself, who tries to imagine a different life.  

Caution: Strong Language, suitable for ages 14+

Inspired by The IliadFleeto reinvents the Greek tragic form in this timely exploration of lost youth and the powerful lure of brotherhood in gang culture.  Cunneen uses the rhythm of Shakespearean verse and applies it to a story about a modern day Glasgow street stabbing, in which a youngster is indiscriminately killed by a gang while trying to defend his friend from their vengeful rage. The pieces are inspired by Cunneen’s love of Greek plays - and not just for the punchy emotional speeches that characters often deliver, nor simply for the intensity of plotted events, but from a wider appreciation that Ancient Greek plays were forms of social debate. Both Fleeto and Wee Andy place contentious questions before the audience and ask them to consider their own reactions and social placing in relation to the issues.

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