Fred Eaglesmith Music

Fred Eaglesmith

  • Date

    Friday 18 March 2016

  • venue

    The Blue Lamp

  • time

    doors 7.30pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    £13.20 inc bf

  • genre


 Almost Blue Productions presents

 Fred Eaglesmith
 at the Blue Lamp
doors 7.30pm
Tickets £13.20 inc bf

Eaglesmith is a veteran of the music industry and at the same time is about as far away from actually participating in today’s music industry as one could be. Never operating within anyone’s boundaries, he continues to set the standard for independent artists everywhere. While blazing his own often colourful path he has avoided most of the traps and pitfalls of his peers, his career reads like a manual on how to succeed in music today without trying to fit into the traditional business models.


A typical day in the life of Eaglesmith will find him driving an average of four to eight hours between shows in his converted 1990 Bluebird tour bus. He outfitted the bus with a system of filters and pumps which he designed himself to enable them to run on waste vegetable oil recycled from deep fryers in venues and restaurants along the road. This past year included seeing Fred astonish many local mechanics by changing his own blown bus transmission on the side of a highway in rural Alberta without missing one gig.

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