Freshly Squeezed: Min Diesel, Hjearts, Wendell Borton & Fawn Spots Music

Freshly Squeezed: Min Diesel, Hjearts, Wendell Borton & Fawn Spots

  • Date

    Saturday 14 November 2015

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time

    Doors 8.30pm

  • age


  • price

    £6.60 inc. bf | Students £5

  • genre


Min Diesel
Min Diesel are a guitar-led three-piece from the north-east of Scotland, who shamelessly plunder the best bits from their favourite late-80s/early-90s punk, lo-fi and math-rock bands' back-catalogues to create music they've taken great amusement from dubbing "min-die rock". Since their inception, Min Diesel have shared a stage with Errors, Acoustic Ladyland, Joan of Arc, Hot Club de Paris, Sky Larkin and Paws.

Hearts are a curiously misplaced fragment of a once booming International Pop Underground. Bedroom superstars from a pop-geek universe, mixing schoolboy earnestness with an arch, bratty directness, and relishing in the rebellious innocence of primitive pop.

Wendell Borton
Wendell Borton are an Aberdonian three-piece with a burgeoning reputation in Scotland for intense live performances and scuzzy, yet melodic, pop songs. Having played with the likes of JOEY FOURR, Algernon Doll/WOMPS, Pinact, Poor Things and The Van T's, Wendell Borton have just finished recording with Chris McRory (Catholic Action/Casual Sex) and have contributed to compilations by Song, By Toad and GoldFlakePaint.

Fawn Spots
Three people hoping for something better. When pursued for a quote, Oliver, guitarist / singer in Fawn Spots, managed, “most of all I want to thank God for his support…mate I have no idea.”

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