Freshly Squeezed: Syd Arthur Music

Freshly Squeezed: Syd Arthur

Plus support from LYLO & Shem Mason

Apricity: the heat of the sun in winter… a sensation of warmth in the midst of cold… an uncommon word for a common feeling… something rare yet somehow familiar…

Calling their new album Apricity felt right for Syd Arthur. For one thing, the phenomenon was something they became used to as they spent chunks of last year in a forested park on the edge of Los Angeles. Yes, they were in California and it was summertime, but they were high up in the mountains, secluded, without phone signal, awake all hours, working. Clear skies regularly came with an out-of-season chill.

Syd Arthur have built an enviable reputation as a band apart. Formed out of the forest party rave scene in their home county, and with a hard-won DIY selfsufficiency, they developed a sound and approach miles beyond their foursquare indie peers. Here was swirling rock with psychedelic textures, guitar-based trance with a funk groove. A band adaptive enough, bold enough, to tour with White Denim and The Strokes.

Suitable for ages 14+

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