Gaelic With Your Teddy

Gaelic With Your Teddy

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University of Aberdeen Children's May Festival

Gaelic with your Teddy (Gàidhlig leis an Teadaidh Agad)

Sponsored by Marathon Oil

Ages 5+

All children must have accompanying adults at events. All adults and children require tickets for this event.

Speaking Gaelic with your pet (or teddy) is a good way to introduce the language into family life. We will look at simple conversational Gaelic suitable for use with a family pet. Sorry – you can’t bring your pet, but feel free to bring your teddy!

’S e labhairt na Gàidhlig leis a’ pheata agaibh dòigh mhath gus Gàidhlig a thoirt a-steach gu beatha an teaghlaich agaibh. Bidh sinn a’ toirt sùil air cainnt is commandan freagarrach airson cleachdadh le peata no teadaidh. Duilich – cha bhi peataichean ceadaichte, ach faodaidh sibh ur teadaidh a thoirt leibh!

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