Gavin Marwick Journeyman Spectacular Music

Gavin Marwick Journeyman Spectacular

Gavin Marwick Journeyman Spectacular

Gavin Marwick's Journeyman project has received a grant from Creative Scotland to produce a music book and a double CD of his self-penned tunes.

Gavin has many years experience working with an enormous number of musicians, concert bands, ceilidh bands, orchestras, theatre and TV companies in many different settings across vast swathes of the globe. Bands he plays/ has played with include Bellevue Rendezvous, Iron Horse, Unusual Suspects, Up in the Air and Ceilidh Minogue, amongst many others. He is an innovative composer, crossing Scottish traditional style with other influences, and experimenting with forms and modes.

There are dance tunes, descriptive pieces, historic and contemporary influences, delight and sadness, moments of peculiar strangeness, airs, jigs, reels, marches, waltzes, strathspeys, elegies and pastorals, tunes in the style of polskas, horas, munieras, lång dances and mazurkas, tunes inspired by land, sea, weather, people, places or some small fancy, tunes inspired by and written for fiddle, pipes, harp, accordion, bouzouki, guitar, piano, nyckelharpa, whistle, voice, bespoke pieces for theatre, and many that are beyond pigeonholing and represent the development of a dedicated, hardworking and unique artist.

The book and CD will be launched in April 2014 with a series of concerts under the title of 'Gavin Marwick's Journeyman Spectacular', with the premier being at Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow on 18th January.

'It was very aptly named as “Spectacular”, it most certainly are guaranteed a phenomenal experience'. Celtic Music Radio.

'18th January 2014, Saturday night down in Glasgow’s old St Andrews Square, a magical musical journey delighted a sold out Celtic Connections Festival audience. It was created by a band in full flight, orchestrated and conducted by a musician at the peak of his talent and power; Gavin Marwick, fiddler extraordinaire. Jaw dropping...highly recommended.'

The concerts will feature performances from 5 bands:

Aaron Jones and Claire Mann
Bellevue Rendezvous
Up in the Air
Old Blind Dogs Allstars
(4 pc)

Musicians involved:

Gavin Marwick - fiddle
Ruth Morris - nyckelharpa/ fiddle/ piano
Cameron Robson - cittern/ Jews harp/ guitar
Bob Turner - piano
Gregor Lowrey - accordion
Fraser Fifield - sax/ low whistle/ kaval/ cajon/ pipes
Jonny Hardie - fiddle/ guitar/ voice
Davy Cattanach - percussion/ guitar/ voice
Aaron Jones - bouzouki/ bass/ voice
Claire Mann - flute/ fiddle/ voice

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