Half Way Rock Artist Exchange Drama

Half Way Rock Artist Exchange

Half-Way Rock: a fusion of the immediacy of live stage performance with the intimacy of radio drama.

Marcail sees the Half-Way Rock as nothing more than a resting place on the Aberdeenshire coast until the sounds of the waves, wind and rain one day appear to her as voices, calls for help, final words long lost among the depths.
But why her; why now? An answer comes only when she finds herself precariously perched thousands of feet above an abyss on the Half-Way Rock’s mirror-image on the other side of the North Sea: the Kjeragbolten.
This time, the phantom words come from the Draugr - spirits of those lost at sea, human forms with heads of seaweed, and suddenly the voices make sense.

Half Way Rockis a mixed-media play by Neil Cargill in collaboration with sound designer Simon James which intertwines voices, sounds and music to create a mesmerising narrative.

Join us for this work in progress sharing and find out more about the real life stories associated with Scotland’s North-east coast that have inspired and informed Half Way Rock.

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