Hamilton Loomis Band Music

Hamilton Loomis Band

Funky Blues Events Presents

Hamilton Loomis Band

Blue Lamp

Friday 12th June 2015 7.30pm doors


 Hamilton Loomis - Mixin' up the Blues, Funk and Soul.   

Bridging the gap between generations of music-lovers and redefining blues-based American music for a contemporary audience, Loomis created his own path and built a loyal following by blending myriad influences, clever songwriting, and an expressive voice into a sound that defies description. His current style, layered onto his bluesy foundation, is attracting a new generation of fans. “I’ve struck on a style that works, and I’m adding to it. I don’t purposely set out to create one type of song; it’s really just a hybrid. One of the by-products of it all is that it can appeal to all generations

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