Hector Drama


An Eden Court, Comar and Ed Littlewood Productions co-production

Hector by David Gooderson

Military mastermind. Scottish Hero. Victorian idol. Media martyr

Director Kate Nelson
Designer Ali Maclaurin
Composer Pippa Murphy
Lighting Designer Simon Wilkinson

Based on the true story of a crofter's son who became a Knight of the Realm and Queen Victoria's favourite general - this touching drama shines new light on the Scottish legend and fallen hero Sir Hector MacDonald.

Rising from humble beginnings through the ranks of the British Army, he became a hero of the Battle of Omdurman. Following his appointment as Commander of Ceylon, allegations of scandalous liaisons surfaced.

But was he guilty? Or was he the victim of a plot fabricated by an English Establishment to remove a Gaelic-speaking upstart who got above himself?

“A tragic thriller full of contemporary resonances… a brilliant polemic against our cruel desire to prejudge sexual scandals; some bright young button at the BBC should snap up this script.”
 Lloyd Evans, The Spectator

Hector is a new production of So Great a Crime, originally developed at the Finborough Theatre in 2013

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