Home Something Different


  • Date

    Tuesday 25 April 2017

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time

    11am & 1.30pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    Adults / teenagers with PMLD £11 inc. bf + Free carer / companion | Additional family & friends etc. £11 inc. bf

  • genre

    Something Different

Due to the unique nature of the performance please contact the Box Office directly to book

Frozen Light in association with New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich presents A tale of unexpected friendship

Exploring a new and unknown world, Home immerses audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) in a multi-sensory story of discovery. Home is the latest bold and exciting production from Frozen Light.

The world is not how they remember it. Where are they now and where is their home? Scarlet and Olive must learn how to survive and create a future together in an environment that is full of surprises.  Will the stars shine on this unexpected friendship? And how will they face the challenges that lie ahead?

‘The whole team make what is a very sophisticated, caringly crafted mixture of music and other sensory elements seem fresh, and above all unthreatening and rather magical’
 ★★★★ The Herald (Previous production ‘The Forest’)

"Home is that rare thing – a piece of theatre that makes you think differently, feel differently and stays with you long after you've left the theatre" remotegoat.com

"unique interactive experiences that bring joy and laughter" londontheatre1.com

"a bold, interactive and powerful piece which engages all of the five senses and explores feelings of fear, loss, separation, loneliness, friendship, trust, hope and joy, things that a person with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities" opening-night.org

Supported by Arts Council England, The Point Eastleigh and The Garage

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Running time: 1 hour
Audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (13+)


Frequently Asked Questions

HOME is for an audience of six teenagers and adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) and their companions.

“Why is the show for people with PMLD?”
There is very little theatre made specifically for people with PMLD that is accessible and meets their needs.  We want to make sure that people with PMLD are given the first opportunity to attend HOME.

“I have a 15 year old son with Downs Syndrome, is HOME for him?”
The show has been created specifically for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, however we have had audiences with other learning disabilities come and enjoy the show.

“Can I leave the person I am accompanying at the show on their own?”
Performers and theatre staff are not responsible for audience members.  A person with a learning disability will need to be accompanied by a carer/companion.  The show has been designed to be enjoyable for everyone and we hope that the companions will enjoy the show too.

“My student/child/person I care for, may find it difficult to sit still and they may want to move around and make noise.  I'm not sure they will sit through 60 minutes.”
The actors are used to audience members not staying in their seats and wanting to watch the show whilst in the performance space or the far back of the room, this is not a problem. The audience does not have to be quiet throughout the show. If an audience member becomes distressed they can leave and re-enter the space as many times as they need.

“Will the performance be suitable for my child/student/person I care for?”
The show has been designed specifically for teenagers and adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. If you would like further information about if the show is suitable for the person you care for please contact Amber Onat Gregory on 07900 240654 or Lucy Garland on 07737 567965 or e-mail info@frozenlighttheare.com

“I am bringing my teenager with PMLD but his brother is only 7 can I bring him?”
Yes – the show has been created for teenagers and adults with PMLD but we have also found that it is enjoyable for younger siblings.  There is nothing in the show that is inappropriate for a younger audience.

“How many carers can we bring?”
We recommend that every person with PMLD is accompanied by one carer.  Every audience member needs to be accompanied by an adult.

“Can we bring more than 6 students?”
The show has been created specifically for an audience of 6 people with PMLD and the quality of the show will be greatly reduced by a larger audience.

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