In Conversation with Kate Adie Spoken Word

In Conversation with Kate Adie

University of Aberdeen May Festival

In Conversation with Kate Adie

Arts Lecture Theatre, University of Aberdeen

Tickets are available at the Festival Box Office, which is located in King’s College Conference Centre at the University of Aberdeen (Some performances could be limited)

Sunday 11th May 3PM

Kate Adie blazed a trail for journalis and for women, reporting live from war zones and
hotspots around the world. Since hanging up her flak jacket, Kate has concentrated on writing
about her life and career, and the impact of conflict on women across the world. Following this in-conversation event chaired by BBC Scotland’s Fiona Stalker, the theme of women in
dangerous situations will continue as Kate is joined by a panel of experts to discuss one
challenge that is still far from being met. In partnership with Impact, the University of
Aberdeen international research project to promote safe motherhood in the developing world.

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