John Edward

John Edward

John Edward is an internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium, Lecturer and author! Popularly known for his two internationally syndicated television shows: Crossing Over With John Edward and John Edward Cross County, now you can see him live on stage in the UK!

A John Edward event lasts for two hours with no interval and consists of question & answer sessions, lecture and exciting opportunities to experience messages from the other side. Is someone waiting to talk to you?

Latest Reviews

Nikita Boswell

Saturday 29 June

Going to see John again in August for the second time, and hoping that I get another reading like I did the first time. Ticket prices may seem a bit steep, but it is well and truly worth it. Even if you don't get a reading, it is a fantastic, fascinating, amazing event to attend. Can't wait!!!


Angela Donaldson

Tuesday 29 January

Having seen John 3 times and never having received a reading, I have never been dissapointed. The ticket price may seem high but it is worth every penny for the peace you get from realising that your loved ones are still with you.


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