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John Shuttleworth in A Wee Ken To Remember

As heard on BBC Radio 4's John Shuttleworth's Lounge Music

Versatile singer/organist, John Shuttleworth, wants to share fond memories of his favourite past weekends. However, a typo on the poster ("weekend" has become "wee Ken") means John is obliged to spend the evening paying homage to his next-door neighbour and sole agent - the diminutive Ken Worthington. With any luck, John will end up doing both. In this brand new show, Shuttleworth ("Sheffield's funniest man" The Times) will perform classic tunes such as Two Margarines, Disaffected Youth and I Cant Go Back To Savoury Now as well as newer ditties like Whatever Happened to Vince Hill?, Midweek, and Relatives In Rotherham.

John Shuttleworth is the creation of actor/musician Graham Fellows, whose other incarnations include Brian Appleton, Dave Tordoff, and Jilted John, as whom he had a number 4 pop hit in 1978. Graham lives in London and Lincolnshire and has no hobbies, but would like one at some point in his life. John Shuttleworth's Lounge Music will shortly be available on DVD, as will a book of The Shuttleworths complete radio scripts.

"Shuttleworth has never been out of fashion" ★★★★★ The Independent

"His stand up is second to none, his timing is impeccable, and you can practically warm your hands on his good nature" The Guardian

"The king of retro and old-school England" This Is Cornwall
“Punch the air to character comedy in a class of its own” The Sunday Times

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