'Just say naw! An evening with George Galloway' Spoken Word

'Just say naw! An evening with George Galloway'

Just say naw!

An evening with George Galloway

As the independence referendum draws ever closer, George Galloway will be passionately putting his case forward for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom. George will be speaking on a range of issues affecting the people of Scotland and he will be dismissing the grudge politics of the Scottish nationalists in creating an ‘us vs them’ mentality.

George believes that the UK is not separated by borders and sign posts but by class, power and greed. If you want to witness this and interact with George on these issues then come along to ‘Just Say Naw! An Evening with George Galloway.’

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Fat Cynical Idiot

Wednesday 02 April

In Scotland, George appeals to cynics who think that their cynicism makes them intelligent. These people are typically male and fat. I you feel you fall into one of these categories and wish to give a tenner to hypocritical MP who is grabbing all the cash he can before a YES vote makes him redundant, then by all means go along. I did,It was great.



Tuesday 18 March

I'd love to see Alex S. pop in to this one! Why doesn't George put out his invite to Alex for a wee debate? Alex always likes it to be well known when his offers of debate rejected... Go on George, bring him on! We're all very proud to be scots, I'd gladly pay to listen to these guys help me decide!



Tuesday 22 October

Specifically going up to Scotland to see George speak. He's not wrong in regards to the class, power and greed divide, November can't come soon enough! Bring it on....


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