Kind of Silence Drama

Kind of Silence

Solar Bear presents

The world is silent, and music is everywhere.

Kind of Silence explores senses and the way we communicate. The 'silence' represents not only something we hear, but something we experience through the ways we can or cannot communicate.

This production, created for Solar Bear by Danny Krass, is based on the stories of Echo and Narcissus

Echo is cursed. Once a furious gossip, now she can only repeat the last words spoken by others. One day she discovers Narcissus lost in the forest. She instantly and hopelessly falls in love with him.

Narcissus rejects Echo.

Narcissus is cursed, so that he will love and never be loved in return. He finds a perfect reflective pool in the forest and falls in love with his own reflection. Echo witnesses his suffering, and suffers in turn…

Danny Krass, Alon Ilsar and Kai Fischer will use new technologies to transpose music so that both deaf and hearing performers will feel the same vibrations and rhythms. Using speech, sign, dance, text and sound throughout, no single audience member will access everything, but all will access the piece and engage with it in their own way.

Devised and directed by Danny Krass
Design by Kai Fischer 
Choreography by Chisato Minamimura

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