Long Live the Little Knife Drama

Long Live the Little Knife

  • Date

    Friday 27 March 2015

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time

    7pm | Finish 8.15pm

  • age


  • price

    £13.20 inc. bf | Under 26s £5 inc. bf | Concessions

  • genre


By David Leddy | Fire Exit presents...

A dynamic, absurd and uplifting theatre piece about forgery, castration and blind drunkenness. Liz and Jim are a husband and wife team of forgers who have risen to great heights and fallen to great depths in their careers as con artists and counterfeiters. They are caught in a turf war over fake vintage handbags. They need to find £250 grand in protection money. Their Big Boss, The Wee Man, convinces them to undertake a harebrained mission to up their game and become the world’s greatest art forgers. There’s only one problem. They can’t paint.

In this fast-paced, provocative and boisterous caper Leddy finds the incongruous connections between verbatim theatre, free-market economics, the psychology of ‘truth’ and a castrated labradoodle in a classic Chanel clutch bag.

The show began life as a mini-commission for the Royal Shakespeare Company in the British Museum. It got such an overwhelming response that David Leddy brought the characters back for a full-length escapade for the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it sold out and received fifteen four star reviews.

“Fantastic… Brilliant… Coup de théâtre” ★★★★ Joyce Mcmillan, The Scotsman

“Perceptive… Penetrating… What a story” ★★★★ Neil Cooper, The Herald

"Dazzling... Wild... Hugely enjoyable" ★★★★ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

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