Love’s Fire; Love’s Ashes: Dunedin Consort sings Monteverdi Classical

Love’s Fire; Love’s Ashes: Dunedin Consort sings Monteverdi

Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigals are a theatre of the senses. The murmur of the waves, an amorous glance, the coolness of water or the heat of the sun are all brought to life through the composer’s unparalleled gift for marrying text and music. Indeed, the music in these eight books stands alongside Schubert’s songs, or Bach’s cantatas, as one of the greatest collections of intimately personal music ever produced.

This programme aims to showcase the ravishing beauty of these madrigals, as well as their expressive scope: profound darkness and blinding light; searing grief and amorous rapture. Like Shakespeare or Leonardo, there is a fresh twinkle to Monteverdi’s genius each time you look. This is music to stir the passions and move the soul, and – as the composer explicitly desired - to make us feel and know more vividly the pain and pleasure of being alive.

Ecco mormorar l’onde
Ch’io t’ami
Parlo, misero, o taccio
Zefiro torna
Zefiro torna
Rimanti in pace
Si dolce e’il tormento 
Piagne e sospira
Batto, qui pianse Ergasto
Si, ch’io vorrei morire
Ohime dove’il mio ben?

Sestina, ossia Lagrime dell’Amante

Nicholas Mulroy, Director
Soloists TBC

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