May Festival - Cancer: From Chaos to Hope Festival

May Festival - Cancer: From Chaos to Hope

 Please Note- Tickets may be available at the May Fest venue box office at the University of Aberdeen (King College Conference centre ). These will subject to availability and on a cash only basis for paid events.

When we are ill, we seek healing through modern medical science. But the experience may also prompt us to ask deep questions about meaning and significance. In this candid talk, The Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine will explore her story of a cancer diagnosis at the age of 21, and how she moved from the chaos of a serious illness into the hope and order that emerged in treatment and in remission. Drawing on her work as a physicist, and a Christian theologian, she will consider the role of human experience at the heart of health and healing, and offer tools and encouragement for people to make sense of their own stories of cancer and illness in order that healing may be found.

King's College Conference Centre,university of Aberdeen

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