Medieval & Prehistoric Origins Tour Walking Tour

Medieval & Prehistoric Origins Tour

Hidden Aberdeen presents

Medieval & Prehistoric Origins Tour


Starting at Shiprow, once thought to be the city's oldest street when it was called "The Way of the Ash Tree" in 1212AD, learn of Provost Davidson, the only civic leader to die in battle, killed at Harlaw in 1411. From there skirt the remains of St Katherine's Hill, now the Adelphi through to the Green where the Trinitarian and Carmelite Friars had their monasteries. Cross the line of the Bow Brig, the earliest crossing of the Denburn now hidden under Denburn Road, and head for Windmill Brae, once the very border of the city, as was Union Terrace Gardens where we learn of the Denburn Valley and its origins. Ending at Spa Street and Gilcomston, we delve deep into the city's prehistoric past when a great loch covered most of what is George Street, and finally in Hill Street, stand where our ancestors did 10,000 years ago when a hunter gatherer community established a seasonal camp above the Gilcomston Burn and the Loch of Aberdeen.

Start time:   7.30pm

Start point:  Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow

End point:   Hill Street, Rosemount

Duration:    2 hrs

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