NAFCo Blue Lamp Soiree: Sophie & Fiachra * Figelin * Luiz Moretto Festival

NAFCo Blue Lamp Soiree: Sophie & Fiachra * Figelin * Luiz Moretto

  • Date

    Friday 13 July 2018

  • venue


  • time

    Doors 8.30pm starts 9pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    £11 inc bf concession available

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 NAFCo Blue Lamp Soiree: Sophie & Fiachra * Figelin * Luiz Moretto at the Blue Lamp

Doors 8.30pm show starts 9pm


Sophie Lavoie, Fiachra O’Regan & André Marchand, Figelin, and Luiz Moretto 

Reaching from Québec to Ireland, exploring Klezmer and Hasidic melody, and jazzing from Africa to Brazil, Friday night at the Lampie will be sensational! 

Since 2008, Sophie Lavoie and Fiachra O'Regan have travelled the world, echoing the richness of the Irish and Québec repertoires and their obvious kinship, a story of love and music. They are joined by the living legend André Marchand (of Charbonniers De L’enfer and La Bottine Souriante fame). 

Figelin present North German dance music, Yiddish songs and Hasidic melodies played by three of the most exciting fiddlers on the international folk music scene today. Enjoy Klezmer at its best with Vanessa Vromans, Ursula Suchanek and Vivien Zeller. 

Luiz Moretto, born in Brazil, is a violinist, double bass, fiddle player and composer living in London. His compositions incorporate ethnic elements of rhythm and timbre with the spontaneity of free experimentation. Luiz has been inspired by the traditions of bowed string instruments from Africa and Brazil and his latest album Vampyroteuthis Infernalis blends Afro-Brazilian musical expressions to Italian free jazz aesthetics. Luiz will be joined by NAFCo's own Simon Gall on piano, Mike Ray on bass and Fraser Peterkin on drums. 

The NAFCo Blue Lamp Soirées showcase of some of NAFCo’s finest musicians in one of Aberdeen’s legendary traditional, folk and acoustic music venues. Cabaret-style seating and candles set the ambience for an intimate evening of fabulous performances and musical exploration.

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