NASA in Aberdeen: Inspiring the Next Generation Spoken Word

NASA in Aberdeen: Inspiring the Next Generation

Come along to this exciting presentation, To Mars and Beyond at Robert Gordon’s College, MacRobert Hall and discover how robotics are used by NASA to explore the red planet.

This talk will be delivered by Mason Markee, Robotics Engineer for NASA who will discuss the significant role played by robotics in NASA’s future missions back to the Moon, Mars and beyond. While NASA has its sights set on the stars, many of these robotic inventions have benefits to everyday life on Earth including sideways driving electric cars, search & rescue humanoids, and close to home, inspection robots for decommissioning the North Sea's Brent rigs.

Mason will be joined by astronaut Bob Cenker who flew on space shuttle Columbia on STS 61-C. Bob will discuss his flight experience and life in space.

Venue Address: MacRobert Hall, Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen, AB10 1FE

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