Northern Arc Sessions: Julie Fowlis & Le Vent Du Nord Music

Northern Arc Sessions: Julie Fowlis & Le Vent Du Nord

Julie Fowlis’ exquisite voice, her interpretation of Scottish Gaelic culture and ability to bring folk music out of the past and into something contemporary, dynamic and irresistible, are what have made her a genuine and multi-award winning crossover star. Her roots may be firmly in folk music and the Scottish Gaelic culture she grew up in, but her talent and style have brought her into the mainstream.

Quebec’s Le Vent du Nord knows how to turn the lost past into intense and beautiful performances that push their roots in striking global directions. The group is blazing a path that connects their Québecois roots to the wider world, in both arrangements and on stage.

Julie Fowlis said of the collaboration 'I am very much looking forward to this performance with Le Vent Du Nord. We have been friends since we first met on tour in Canada over 10 years ago. This Northern Arc concert affords us an opportunity to collaborate and explore Gaelic and Québécois music and song for this one special performance.'

Season Ticket: Buy both Northern Arc Sessions for £22 inc. bf

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