Northern Arc Sessions: Lau with Valkyrien Allstars Please click for statement regarding Lau Music

Northern Arc Sessions: Lau with Valkyrien Allstars Please click for statement regarding Lau

  • Date

    Saturday 27 June 2015

  • venue

    Music Hall Transformation

  • time

    7.30pm | Finish 9.50pm

  • age


  • price

    £16.50 inc. bf | U26s £11 inc. bf | Groups 8+ £8.25 inc. bf per ticket

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Due to inclement weather conditions, Lau is unable to get to Aberdeen from Shetland in time for the Northern Arc concert with the Valkyrien Allstars this evening. The concert will be going ahead with this fantastic Norwegian act, and we are trying our best to secure a last minute replacement for Lau. It is sure to be a stunning concert either way, and we sincerely hope that the audience turns out in full to see these top class musicians perform. We understand, and share, everyone’s disappointment at not being able to see Lau and will be in touch after the concert with an offer of a special deal to attend one of next season’s Northern Arc concerts. We hope to see a big crowd at the Music Hall tonight for this unique concert, but if you decide in advance that you would rather not attend then a full refund will be available by contacting our box office


Aberdeen performing Arts presents Northern Arc

Genre-defining, ground-breaking artists from Scotland collaborate with the best roots talent from across the Northern hemisphere in these unique, exclusive Music Hall sessions. Explore the contemporary folk music of Scotland, Canada, Scandinavia, the Baltic region and more with the very best musicians from these regions.


Scotland meets Norway in this new season of Northern Arc Music Sessions
Pre-show events in the Music Hall café, start at 6.45pm

Put yourself in the mood for discovery by attending pre-show presentations of Norwegian traditions, artists and links between Scotland and Norway (more info below).

The bar will be open for one hour after the show for meeting the artists and informal networking, the concert will begin at 7.30pm

Lau with Valkyrien Allstars

Lau are modern folk music’s most innovative band. Brilliant musicians, thrilling performers and free-thinking visionaries.  In February 2013 Lau won the award for Best Group at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for a fourth time (winners previously in 2008, 2009 and 2010). Lau say “We’re folk musicians but firstly we’re musicians with a love of different styles and we don’t think we’re cheating on anybody by drawing on that. We all love and play a wide range of music but what we have in common is a deep love of hardcore traditional music.”

The Valkyrien Allstars is a Norwegian folk group consisting of two musicians in their late twenties - Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen and Erik Sollid. They play the national instrument the Hardanger Fiddle and are also singing - with the only girl in the group featuring as their leading vocal. The Valkyrien Allstars has existed since 2005, but they have been practicing as musicians since they were youngsters. Magnus Larsen (bass) and Martin Langlie (drums) - completes the Valkyrien Allstars Band.

The Valkyrien Allstars has been awarded the first GRAPPA price for newcomers and their first CD-recording was nominated to the Norwegian record award “Spellemannprisen” for 2007 and 2014. “Folkelarm” awarded them “the Folk Music Artist of the year” in Norway. During the last years they have given concerts all over Norway and toured in Ireland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, China, Montenegro, Bratislava, and two tours of Japan.


Pre-show event: Ingeborg P. Bodzioch, visual artists | starts at 6.45pm in the Music Hall café

Born in Stavanger, Norway. Ingeborg has worked as an artist and art teacher in Aberdeenshire for 12 years and find the parallels between the coastal cultures of Stavanger and Aberdeen very inspiring.

Getting her Batchelor degree from the University of Bergen, Norway where she studied art history, philosophy and pop culture. She progressed with a master degree in art & design from Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University (2003), where she specialized in 3d object narratives with site specific installation. And, by the way, her graduation ceremony was held at the Music Hall!

Ingeborg have taken part in international exhibitions in Norway, UK, USA, China, Russia, Egypt, and Italy. At the moment she is working as an artist in residence at Scotsport at Learney House in Torphins.

Ingeborg has always loved music in all forms, coming from a musical family and have earlier taken part in interdisciplinary multimedia events where several art forms were present. Inspired by the Northern Arc music, she will create 30 images in mixed media (collage/paint/photography) that fits into the poster holders in the hall. And 6-7 sculptures for the niches in the hall and cafe area. 

‘I look very much forward to create new work for exhibition at the Music Hall in June in connection with the Northern Arc concert series. It is very exciting for me to welcome fellow Norwegians to Scotland for a multimedia cultural event!’


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