Ocean Colour Scene Music

Ocean Colour Scene

Regular Music presents

Ocean Colour Scene in Concert

Plus Special Guests

Monday 09 December 2013, Doors 6.30pm / Starts 7.30pm

Tickets £27.50 including fees

Over 14s only; U16s must be accompanied by an adult 18+

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Tuesday 10 December

It was a great gig and I tried to enjoy the band. What I didn't enjoy was the drunken idiots behind me. One of their number was thrown out for giving a few people a bath in her Bacardi and Coke. The rest were given numerous talkings to by the staff but still continued to act as idiots. I lost count on the number of times my head was smacked by one of their flailing arms and my coat was quite moist from the beers being waved in the air in lieu of lighters. I was also concerned that the balcony may not take the strain of all the jumping about as it was shaking quite badly in my vicinity and also worried that one of them would land on me. I was also annoyed by their constant demands to stand up and join in. If I wanted to stand, I wouldn't have bought seats. Perhaps the staff should have intervened a little more in this circumstance.


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