• Date

    Thursday 15 March 2018

  • venue

    The Blue Lamp

  • time

    8pm start

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    £15.00, concessions£12.00

  • genre


Ola Onabule and his Trio

Onabulé - A charismatic and sophisticated entertainer possessing an emotional intensity and vocal virtuosity accompanied by poignant storytelling. Those who already know Ola’s work truly appreciate this powerful performer and his capacity to cross cultural and musical boundaries with an unflinching and lyrical pursuit of truth and justice.

Onabulé has forged an international career via his relentless program of recordings and concerts. Appearances at many of the most respected international jazz festivals that include Montreal, Vancouver, Istanbul, London, Edmonton, Umbria as well as concert halls and Jazz clubs worldwide ensuring that Onabulé’s reputation continues to be cemented with audiences globally.

Onabulé's songs about love, loss and the human condition include words, melodies and rhythms born of a childhood and adulthood immersed in two disparate cultures, on two different continents during two different periods of time.

Ola states; “Hands-on, self-sufficiency has always been my mantra for survival in the music game. I always felt like the creative parts of song writing, producing and recording were merely different stages of a single process”.

'Nigerian British Vocalist Ola Onabulé impressed mightily with his set on the Arena Stage'. - Downbeat Magazine
“A superb blend of raw rhythms from his African background, among other sources, and super- sophisticated,highly developed jazz-soul singing and songwriting” - Rob Adams, Glasgow Herald

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