Power Of Nature, NYOS Jazz Orchestra Music

Power Of Nature, NYOS Jazz Orchestra

Guest Artist: Jason Singh (vocals)

This summer NYOS Jazz Orchestra present a profusion of cool jazz in two parts.  Part one, we celebrate the music of Joe Zawinul’s groundbreaking group Weather Report. The 1970s were one of the most exciting periods in jazz music and after the emergence of rock and roll, the inevitable fusion of jazz and rock came of age. Never more so than in the music of Weather Report, blending grooves and improvisation through-composed melodies and evolving ensemble textures. 

In Part two it’s time for something completely different, as we present NYOS Jazz Orchestra alongside beatboxer, sound artist and vocal sculptor, Jason Singh. Jason is a composer, solo artist and collaborator who works across a wide range of art forms, music genres, educational practices and sound formats. His work includes sound installations, live film scores and vocal recreations of birdsong and entire forest-scapes.  

Director of Jazz at NYOS, Malcolm Edmonstone has worked closely with Jason to select aspects of his extensive creative projects, and has arranged these for NYOS Jazz Orchestra and Vocalists. A challenging yet mouth-watering prospect, we hope you agree.

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