Puppet Animation Festival: Pitschi, The Kitten With Dreams Family

Puppet Animation Festival: Pitschi, The Kitten With Dreams

Komedia presents

Puppet Animation Festival 2015

Pitschi the kitten lives with her brothers and sisters, Grandma Lisette and a dog called Bello on a farm high up in the Swiss Alps. She doesn’t care much for the rough and tumble and mischievous fun of kitten play and dreams of being something else – a chicken, perhaps, or a goat, or a bunny - for after all, for Pitschi, anything is better than being a cat! Pitschi goes on an exciting adventure around the farm to meet the other animals, but finally discovers that she can be happy by being exactly what she is.

Adapted from Swiss author and illustrator Hans Fischer’s award-winning picture book, this charming production is full of humour, music, song and adventure that will be enjoyed by young children and parents alike. This is Komedia’s first visit to the Puppet Animation Festival.

"Charming... With accomplished design, strong writing and delivery komedia have created 45 minutes of pure magic for young children" Fringe Review


Ages 3 -7 years

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