RM Hubbert: Telling the Trees Music

RM Hubbert: Telling the Trees

  • Date

    Saturday 30 April 2016

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time

    Doors 7.30pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    £15.40 inc. bf

  • genre


Award-winning songwriter and guitarist returns with a masterfully curated and lavishly diverse set of collaborations. Featuring a stellar cast of contributors, ‘Telling the Trees’ is a thrillingly inventive collection, highlighting the extraordinary talents of some our finest musicians, songwriters and lyricists.
LP / CD / DD: 29th April, 2016

Returning to the collaborative format that saw him reconnect with a host of old friends and pick up a Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Award for 2012’s Thirteen Lost & Found, RM Hubbert is back, and at the vanguard of another extraordinary ensemble of musicians and songwriters. In many ways a reflection and reconfiguration of his earlier, award-winning album, Telling the Trees highlights the remarkable lyricism and musicianship of his individual co-writers whilst managing to cohere into a dazzling masterwork for all concerned.

“The basic idea was to create a mirror image to Thirteen Lost & Found. Each of those tracks were written with me and the collaborators holed up in a room for 6 hours, as we tried to capture our reconnection through song. With Telling the Trees, I wanted to do the opposite. I hadn’t even met most of the collaborators on this album so I wanted the process to be conducted entirely remotely, with ideas sent over the Internet and then developed in isolation over a month or so.”

“We wanted to capture as unfiltered a response to each other’s work as possible, to reduce the influence I might have over the final songs. It was about trusting some of my favourite artists and gaining an insight into the different ways they worked. The process was as fascinating and rewarding as I could have hoped: every piece came back differently from how I had imagined it; each collaborator took those initial ideas and made them their own; merging what I loved about their own work into my own. Whether it was the phrasing, the melody or the arrangement, there was something genuinely surprising in every song and it was a rare treat to have my initial pieces transformed into something we both owned.”

Long renowned as one of Scotland’s most creative musicians, there’s an openness and generosity of spirit behind Hubby’s curiosity for collaboration. Bringing such diverse and diffuse elements together is hardly a risk-free enterprise but with Telling the Trees it’s catalysed a synthesis bordering on alchemy…

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