RSNO Concert 4: Naked Classics – Wagner’s ‘The Ring’

RSNO Concert 4: Naked Classics – Wagner’s ‘The Ring’

RSNO Concert 4: Naked Classics – Wagner’s ‘The Ring’


Thursday 9 May 2013, 7.30pm


Tickets £10-£21 (concessions available)


Wagner/de Vlieger      The Ring: An Orchestral Adventure


Philippe Bach              Conductor

Paul Rissmann            Presenter


Wagner’s epic Ringcycle is the kind of experience that changes lives. A tale of gods, lovers, tragedy and redemption that begins at the bottom of a river and ends with the destruction of a world, it’s quite simply overwhelming. But if you don’t happen to have four days to spare, here’s your chance to see what the fuss is about: an hour-long orchestral highlights package! Paul

Rissmann tells the story: Richard Wagner and the RSNO do the rest.


Naked Classicsis an exciting way to explore classical music. Presenter Paul Rissmann uses an innovative mix of projections, on-stage demonstrations and interviews with players to reveal the stories behind the music. Then, after the interval, sit back and enjoy the work being performed in all its glory by the RSNO.

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marga hogenboom

Friday 10 May

Thsi was a very impressive performance, a real delight to have such a large orchestra performing a shortened version of the Ring.Paul Rissman explanations really clarified the scores and Phillepe clearly has a deep connection to Wagner's Ring. I was amazed that this was not a sell out, so if you have a change to go to the concert, do not miss it.


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