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The Ruts DC live show consists of songs representing their many phases - the
more recent Rhythm Collision 2 - the critically acclaimed Animal Now and of
course, classic versions of Ruts songs Babylons’ Burning, Staring at the Rude
Boys, Jah War and others. The 2 remaining original Ruts members - Segs
Jennings and Dave Ruffy - provide an exciting powerhouse rhythm section for
new addition Leigh Heggarty to excel on guitar. They released a LIVE ON
STAGE album last year and their book, 'Love in Vain' - the story of The Ruts
and Ruts DC edited by Paul Trynka, is out in May.

Ruts DC were formed in 1980 by guitarist Paul Fox, bassist John 'Segs' Jennings
and drummer Dave Ruffy. With vocalist Malcolm Owen they had previously
been The Ruts, one of the best loved bands of the punk rock era, releasing
several fine singles (including 'Babylon's Burning' which earned them a silver
disc) and two much-acclaimed albums 'The Crack' and 'Grin And Bear It'.
Musically they were always more ambitious than many of their
contemporaries, mixing reggae and rock in a manner that still influences
musicians today; lyrically they reflected their uncompromising support for
causes such as Rock Against Racism.

Following Malcolm's untimely death the three musicians regrouped, adding
the musical term D.C. (from the Latin for 'from the beginning') to the name.
Despite critical acclaim the band folded in 1983, although on the 16th of July
2007 The Ruts played together one more time when with U.S. punk hero Henry
Rollins on vocals Paul, Segs and Dave reunited for an emotional performance
at the Islington Academy. With Paul suffering from incurable lung cancer it
was an evening which also featured many of their punk contemporaries and
which will live long in the memories of all who were there. In the interim years
Segs and Dave have worked separately and together with some of the
biggest names in the music industry – and then in 2013 Ruts DC returned.

Now in 2015 Segs handles the lead vocal / frontman duties with panache and
respect while Ruffy sings backing vocals as well as holding down the perfect
beat. Sounding fresh and with the songs still proving to carry an important
message in these current times. The Ruts DC show is a must se

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