Scottish Ballet: Old The Crucible with Ten Poems 2014

Scottish Ballet: Old The Crucible with Ten Poems 2014

  • Start date

    Tuesday 07 October 2014

  • End date

    Wednesday 08 October 2014

  • venue

    His Majesty's Theatre

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  • price

    £21 inc. bf

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Scottish Ballet Autumn Season

The Crucible with Ten Poems

A unique opportunity to see two iconic and emotionally charged texts brought to life through breathtaking performances from Scottish Ballet’s extraordinarily athletic and expressive dancers.

WORLD PREMIERE - The Crucible (2014)
Choreographer: Helen Pickett

Based on Arthur Miller’s 1953 Tony award-winning play, Pickett’s second creation for Scottish Ballet layers rich, evocative characterisations in a story of opposites robed in sexual sin, translating this incredible ramatization of the Salem witch trials with her inimitable style of dance language. This chilling tale of innocent people destroyed by a malicious rumour will captivate you with its spellbinding sensuality and capacity to provoke and question.

UK PREMIERE - Ten Poems (2009)
Choreographer: Christopher Bruce

Set to an emotive recording of ten Dylan Thomas poems read by Welsh actor Richard Burton, Ten Poems builds on the melodic rhythm of the famous prose, loved as much for their musicality as for their themes of lost innocence, nostalgia for childhood, and death. Christopher Bruce, one of Britain’s most prolific and important choreographers, brings each one to life with exquisite vignettes of story and character.

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