Scottish Ballet: Swan Lake Dance

Scottish Ballet: Swan Lake

  • Start date

    Wednesday 27 April 2016

  • End date

    Saturday 30 April 2016

  • venue

    His Majesty's Theatre

  • time

    7.30pm | Sat 2.30pm

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    ★£31.50 - £17.50 inc bf | Premium £41.50 inc bf

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Scottish Ballet Swan Lake World Premiere Tour

Choreography     David Dawson
Music                       Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Set Design              John Otto
Costume Design    Yumiko Takeshima
Lighting Design      Bert Dalhuysen

Scottish Ballet has commissioned award-winning, international choreographer, David Dawson, to create a new Swan Lake. David Dawson’s work is visceral, daring and always pushes dancers to their limits. 

“David always looks to push the boundaries of classical ballet, and I know that his production of an iconic story will be a thoughtful, fresh and very bold addition to our repertoire." Scottish Ballet’s Artistic Director, Christopher Hampson

David was recently appointed Associate Artist of Dutch National Ballet. His work challenges and extends the realms of classical technique and his brave stagings have made him a choreographer in demand across the globe.

A world premiere tour, this new commission will ensure that a new generation will be engrossed by the timeless story of Swan Lake in a style and choreographic language relevant to the 21st century.

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Latest Reviews

Hilary Hayes

Monday 09 May

What a disappointment. It took me about half an hour to get over the fact I wasn't going to see beautiful ballet frocks and a romantic setting. Swans: Once I accepted that, I was then distracted all the time by the white 'pants' that all the females wore! Too many thigh muscles and gluteus maximus! I certainly did not enjoy the swans who were plucked and oven ready!!!! The swans were constantly out of sync with each other so it looked like a local ballet lesson with little or no eye contact with the audience. They looked at the floor a lot of the time as if they were in a warm up routine. When all of them were doing different 'choreographed' moves there were arms and legs all over the place and it just looked a mess and not easy to watch. If this a was deliberate contemporary style of choreography then you have damaged your dancers reputation. When they were meant to be doing the same thing they weren't. Arms and hands all different. Deliberate? Odette: When she first appeared I honestly thought she had forgotten her skirt! She was a good dancer but I just couldn't see her features at all. She was just a featureless blank. As Odile she was better and at last we had a lovely charcoal dress to enhance her beauty and enable us to enjoy hurt moves. The addition of lipstick helped. The male dancers: Nothing to say really although Siegfried was too wimpy and didn't have a great repetoire of body language to convey his discomfort at the opening party which totally lacked the party atmosphere. The set gave us "forty shades of grey" but without the fun, interest or stimulation. Costumes: The swans costume above the pants. Were the bodices studded with diamantés? If they were it was wasted on us up the the dress circle where all saw was optic white pants, and I think you certainly did not do your wardrobe department any favours. How unfair is that? The orchestra was excellent and sometimes I just shut my eyes and listened to the music as they did Tchaikovsy proud. I know this performance was pared down to the basics but I was with a crowd of 7 and I am not sure if any of us will be back to see a Scottish Ballet contemporary production of a Classic ballet. I have no objection to contemporary dance but just not in such a well known production. I wanted to see a traditional ballet, not a set of athletes in a fancy dress costume. As I said, what a disappointment.


Ms J Macdonald

Saturday 30 April

Sorry...I was very disappointed by this production of a classic. I have not been to a ballet for several years and was really looking forward to it. Costumes were drab, some dancers heavy footed and out of sync and set was a non-event. It has probably made me think twice about ever attending another ballet


C Millar

Friday 29 April

My husband and I totally agree with Mrs Michie's review. We left at the interval along with others who commented it was like a first rehearsal. The grey backdrop and very poor costumes certainly did not help. The chorus was disjointed to say the least. Extremely disappointing



Thursday 28 April

I cannot agree with Mrs Michie's review. Yes, the performance was out of sync on several occasions, but the dancers' powerful expressions, the wonderfully chosen costumes, and especially the fresh take on classical ballet moves were absolutely breathtaking! This version of Swan Lake is one that allows the audience to change their perspective and experience a refreshingly (post)modern variation of a traditional performance. If you are willing and able to let go of traditional performances of Swan Lake, you are in for a treat!


Mrs Lucy Michie

Wednesday 27 April

This ballet is one of my very favourites and have seen it many times.Unfortunatly this is the first time I have had to leave. My friend bought me tickets for my birthday and have to be very honest,it was a bitter disappointment from curtain up. I was aware that this was a modern version of the ballet but was not aware of how much the actual story had been ignored and changed. First and foremost the dancers seemed to have very poor co ordination and were out of sync on many occasions. The set was very depressing and had no imagination or mystery which this ballet has.The costumes were drab,depressing and looked like they came from a wholesale local market. Bitterly disappointed with the performance and I have seen many ballets around the world and none so heavy footed as this. I am a proud scot but certainly not proud of the Scottish Ballet tonight. Just awful.The director,dancers,costume design and set design need to have a serous think about putting their name behind this farse of a ballet.


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