Scratch Night: My Aberdeen Drama

Scratch Night: My Aberdeen

Aberdeen Performing Arts presents Scratch Nights

Following on from the success of Freshly Squeezed Theatre in January, The Lemon Tree has created a programme of Scratch Nights. On these evenings we’ll present a showcase of work from playwrights based in the North East and beyond, all responding to the theme of the night. Join us to hear what the writers have to say, and take part in the discussion afterwards to have yours.

Where’s your favourite place in Aberdeen? And what story would it tell? Tonight’s Scratch Night is inspired by the places you love in the city and the theatre you’d like to see performed in them.

Script submissions to these Scratch Nights are open to anyone and we’d like to hear from you

To be suitable for a Scratch Night, scripts must be between eight and ten minutes long and be able to be performed as a monologue or a two or three hander. They can be short stand alone pieces or an excerpt from a longer script. Your excerpt should be possible to stage with minimal props, sound and lighting requirements and we ask that you consider copyright when thinking about including music.Other than that, be creative and interpret the theme in whatever way you like. This is your chance for your writing take centre stage and show us work that is exciting, engaging and unexpected.

We are only accepting submissions from writers either from, or based in, the North East of Scotland. Scripts must be typed and presented neatly and include your name, address and contact details on the first page but are not required to conform to industry standard formatting. For more information or to submit your script email Helen Milne on

Script submission deadlines: Northern Lights Monday 8 June, My Aberdeen Monday 21 September

Black Gold Scratch Night: Sunday 12 April
Northern Lights Scratch Night: Saturday 20 June
My Aberdeen Scratch Night: Thursday 8 October

Ticket offer: Enjoy three Scratch Nights for the price of two. Our Scratch Night season tickets covers the costs of all three performances for just £10.

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